Topic outline

    • Introduction

    • Creating content: Pages

    • Creating content: Files

      13. How to upload a file

      14. How to upload multiple files

      15. Organise files into folders

      • Creating Content: Journals

        16. How to create a Journal

        17. How to complete a Journal entry

        18. How to attach a file or image to your Journal

        19. How to share a Journal

        • Creating Content: Plans

          20. How to create a plans list

          21. How to add tasks to a plan

          22. How to view and edit tasks within a plan

          How to share a plan

          • Creating Content: CPD

            23. How to create a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) log

            24. How to edit a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) log

            • Creating Content: Resume

            • Sharing Content: Pages (How to add images, weblinks, YouTube clips etc)

            • How to create a tag cloud

            • How to create a collection of pages

            • Edit access to your pages

            • Submit a page/collection for assessment

              • Export your portfolio

              • Topic 14

                • Topic 15

                  • Topic 16